The Trump video in context: Why nothing should change

By now most people have read about and/or watched the disturbing video of Trump bragging about his ability to force himself on women (I wonder how long the Washington Post had that one tucked away…).  New shock waves about how someone so crass and so lacking integrity could get so close to our highest office.  Calls for Trump to withdraw his candidacy, or at least for Republicans to withdraw their endorsements, again ring out.  I would be very surprised if this was the breaking point for the Trump campaign, and, given the history of things said by the Trump campaign, it shouldn’t change anything.

If any of Trump’s previous statements didn’t call for a withdrawal of candidacy or withdrawal of endorsements, then why should attacking women? Ignoring his campaign’s frantic white washing and spinning of every utterance, look at the facts. He has said many equally denigrating things to other people, including women: Mexicans are rapists; Muslims are terrorists and should be banned from the country; blacks live in hell, should be stopped and frisked, and stop complaining about their treatment by police officers while Trump plays wink-wink games with white supremacists; women are fat, disgusting, animals, obviously have sex tapes or extra marital affairs, or are blinded by their menstrual cycles; veterans are losers; the disabled are to be mocked; tax payers are stupid…and the list goes on.  But he has also said equally violent things: protesters are to be beaten up like the “good old days” or sucker-punched as they are escorted out; the press should be coerced into silence, with a specific example of a female reporter being pulled away from Trump so hard she had bruises on her arm; the “Second Amendment people” should do something about Clinton; veterans suffering from PTSD or depression “can’t handle it” so should commit suicide…and again, the list goes on.  All this from a man who, as it seems we have forgotten, had his supporters pledge their allegiance to him with a Nazi salute.

Trump boasting about his own personal violence against women while objectifying and denigrating them is just part of the pattern, not a new low. If the Republican party leadership had any values, they would have addressed their Trump problem months ago. So why should anything change?


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