Theses: I have worked on a thesis project for all my degrees, focusing on different aspects of international institutions and organizations.  Here are my completed drafts:

  • Columbia University, Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences. Download here.

Political Science: State-building, Middle East, Institutions, Democratization, International Relations Theory, Foreign Aid, Social Movements

  • Written as a final paper for a course at Stanford University taught by Abbas Milani, with additional advising from Larry Diamond. Written in Fall 2010.  Download here: aprati_democracy_in_iran

Food Security

  • The paper component of a group final project from a course at Stanford University – we collected data on everything that could potentially affect the price of cereal grains (corn, wheat, and rice) such as available arable land, climate change predictions, cultural preferences and demographics changes, as well as political factors such as agricultural subsidies.  Written in Winter 2010. Download here: aprati_predicting_world_cereal_trade_2050


  • A paper written for a writing class at Stanford University, discussing President George Bush’s rhetoric behind the No Child Left Behind program and its impact on English Language Learners, using Mountain View, California as a case study. Written in Winter 2010.  Download here: aprati_nochildleftbehind

Religious studies

  • This paper discusses a topic that, to my knowledge, has not been studied for over a century.  Iconography of Mary changed dramatically during the Black Death in Europe, and there seems to be a causal relationship.  Includes extensive photographs of depictions of Mary from Paris. Written in Spring 2010.  Download paper and appendix here: aprati_marian_iconography

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